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MilanoinContemporanea is ready to go!

12 aprile 2010

MilanoinContemporanea is ready to view and to talk about the most interesting and funny events that will host Fuori Salone 2010 in Milan.

We already revealed something, but having fun for us is something more: this year the main sponsor is Samsung with SYDA 2010.

This is the 4th year and Samsung Young Design Award 2010 wants to give a prize to all the designers that will combine environmental sustainability with fun and will create a digital and funny product for free time and social-collaborative (here’s the link and terms of competitions that involved us).

Making Sustainibility Fun with digital products: innovative and revolutionary solutions that we will see, with a special partiality for young and smart designers.

Milan is flooded by places and stands to visit. How to reach them?

We will tell you, choosing the most creative and contemporary Milan, but if you are walking through the city and you have an i-Phone, Fuori Salone created a Mobile Guide with a free downloadable application that will make you know the closest one to you.

Here are the headquarters of Fuori Salone:

Brera Design District, the first artistic and cultural urban district that is a centre of showrooms, galleries and places dedicated to design that wants to be a reference point for the Milanese design.

Samsung Design Garden, from 13th to 19th April 2010 in 35,Via Tortona, a tech garden with the winner products and projects exhibition of Samsung Young Design Award.

Start! 13th – 19th  April, Spazio Del Cima, 14, via Tortona, the International window to let the new realities of professionals to make themselves known and to meet businesses.

Next attitude, 5th edition ELITA design week festival, 13th- 18th April, with its headquarter in Teatro Franco Parenti. Here there will be a rich program of exhibitions, live music, performances, interactive design, workshops and events that will involved the visitors all the day.

And finally, Design Week Closing Party, on Sunday 18th April, from 7pm to 00 am at Teatro Franco Parenti, 14, via Pier Lombardo.

These are the main places. The others will be a discovery!

But there is a risk: in the the last few years Fuori Salone, with its fashion and funny events, has become more and more important than Salone del Mobile, the real main character.

There’s no limit to imagination and innovations. So if you want to call it business, mess or design corruption don’t be purist and let’s have fan in a design-Milan!



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